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What our Students want to share!

Our students recently provided us with some amazing comments about their experiences with us.  We can't wait to put it all together and share with everyone.  Here are just a few responses! 

We will also share brags, and fun video clips from classes!



"I think Tina is a great trainer and have recommended her services to many others. I feel strongly that Tina sees every dog as an individual and works with the dog and handler to be the best that "they" can be. Having a non-regular agility breed, it's important to me that I feel as important as the high drive border collies, aussies, and those dog breeds you regularly see doing well at this sport, and Tina definitely does that." ~ Dianne Mahar

"Tina teaches for each unique team. Her training is not one size fits all. Each class is full of information and laughs!

Tina has taught me and shown me the importance of a strong foundation. The foundation sets your dog up for a successful and happy career. Even after taking time off with my dog he happily jumped back in the ring and didn't miss a beat!" ~ Chelsea Allen

"I solidly recommend Tina's training program! She is a gifted, knowledgeable instructor and trainer who can balance the handling skills as well as the dog training skills - that is a rare and wonderful combination!" ~ Tracy Sklenar

"It’s all about the dogs! Keeping them safe, helping them be successful, building your own unique and special relationship.

I think it’s the genuine enjoyment you can see on her face when her students and their dogs learn something new and execute successfully. She loves the sport and the dogs and teaching. It’s obvious, and it’s infectious!" ~ Eileen Fatcheric

"Tina shows patience and uses positive reinforcement. She always has the dog in mind. You and your dog are a team and when things go wrong it could be one of you are just having a bad day and will be better next time" ~ Kristine Levy

"Her emphasis on creating a strong working relationship with your dog by listening to what your dog has to say and really focusing on what you need as a team to be successful.  The atmosphere. Every class feels open for discourse in regards to what we're working on and where our dogs stand. Students are treated like active participants even if not working their own dogs. It's very laid-back and low pressure and I feel like, if I'm struggling, I can discuss it with Tina without fear of her getting defensive or me needing to. We can have an actual conversation and discover what is best for my dog." ~ annonymous

Some of our students dogs in action!

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