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Set Your Pup Up for Success

Our Classes​- please check the class listing tabs for the most recent class schedule

From basic agility training for puppies to advanced agility training for older dogs, PawsitiveTrendz Performance Sports offers various classes that will bring your dog to the top of the game.  We also offer Rally, Trick classes /titling, Specialized classes for fitness, focus classes, and soon we will be offering more in the world of obedience.   We are proud to train a wide variety of dogs breeds and accept all breeds for agility including our mini's including Havanese, sporting breeds including pointers, retrievers, herding breeds including border collies, shelties, german shephards, our non standard agility dogs like akitas and northern breeds.

Each class is tailored to accommodate each dog’s learning pattern in order to ensure effective training

New students please email if you are interested in a class before submitting any forms.  Classes will be offered to current enrolled students first.  any openings after student enroll will be available to those on the wait list.  

                    Slots will go to students who are already currently enrolled in a class. If there are any openings, it will be announced to those on the wait list  then to the general public.

                    If you are interested in becoming a student and taking classes with PawsitiveTrendz Performance Sports, please email Tina at                              

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